Do you know about the Muslim Pilgrimage of Umrah?

Do you know about the Muslim Pilgrimage of Umrah?

Religion is a big part of our lives. Every religion has their own distinct way of being significant to its followers. Islam is one of the most followed religions in the world and one of its tradition is undertaking the Umrah. This holy journey is valued by Muslims from all over the world because of its value to them. These days’ different packages are available for Umrah so that people can take this journey together. If you are interested in knowing more about Umrah, then keep on reading this as we are going to elaborate it for you.  Now, one can easily plan their Umrah from anywhere in the world, and one can even avail Umrah package from Dubai, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and others.

What is Umrah?

Umrah is the pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca, Hijaz, Saudi Arabia that they can perform anytime around the year and not on a specific date. It contrasts Hajj as the later only happens on specific dates according to the lunar calendar. The word ‘Umrah’ in Arabic stands for ‘visit to a populated place’. Umrah is often regarded as the minor pilgrimage whereas Hajj is regarded as the major one. It is compulsory for every able Muslim to partake in Hajj but Umrah isn’t compulsory for them. Umrah doesn’t require much time to complete. Sometimes Umrah can be performed along with Hajj which makes it Umrat al-tamattu or enjoyment. That Umrah is considered to be a part of a fuller Hajj. The devotees first perform the Umrah and then take part in Hajj.

Rituals associated with Umrah:

Umrah as a pilgrimage is a remembrance of the lives that Ibrahim and his second wife, Hajar lived at their time. So, people do need to follow some rituals at this place. They need to be in a state of Ihram and follow its rules before they begin their Umrah. After that they need to perform:

  • Tawaf is a ritual in which the person needs to circle the Ka’bah seven times in an anti-clockwise direction. The first three times should be in a hurried pace and the next four times can be performed in a more leisurely pace.
  • Sai is another ritual in which the person needs to rapidly walk seven times back and forth between the Safah and Marwah hills. It mimics Hajar’s frantic search for water which ended when Baby Ishmael miraculously brought water out of the ground. This water source is now known as the Well of ZamZam and many pilgrims drink water from it.
  • Halq and Taqsir are the hair cutting rituals that people need to go through at the end of Umrah. Taqsir is for women where they need to cut at least an inch or more of their hair. Halq is for men where they have to devote their hair by completely shaving it off. They signify one’s devotion to God leaving behind the pull of physical appearance.

Things to keep in mind while going to Umrah:

  • It is always better to gain knowledge about the journey and the place before you are on it. So, read a good book for enriching yourself.
  • Make sure to read a lot about the rituals and the correct way to practice them. Know about the state of Ihram and the way to successfully follow it.
  • Always remain with good company or your family as it does affect the way that you perform in the Umrah.
  • Talk to people and mingle with them. Do not get into silly fights or behave badly or lose your calm. Always keep Umrah at the top of your mind.
  • Make Dua for everyone and yourself so that everything is complete nicely.

If you are a Muslim who is going for Umrah, we wish you the best of luck. We hope that you enjoy the experience and make it worthwhile. The above mentioned thing would definitely help you out in knowing a little about Umrah.

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