Some retrospection, some notable posts

For a while now I had been thinking of doing a post that looked back at all the travel blogging I had done. I had been putting it off over and over again when Niranjan Das of Tales of a Nomad picked me to do some blogging retrospection. It was not until I went through the close-to-140 posts that I realised how difficult it is to pick out: The most beautiful post, A post I thought did not get the attention it deserved and a Post that I am proud of. But then some decisions ‘had’ to be taken and here are my picks for now:

1. Most Beautiful Post – San Francisco after dark  and Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk (two posts, because they kind-of go together ;). ) 
2. Most Popular Post – A crocodile that ate dinosaurs
3. Most Helpful Post – Sea Band to the rescue
4.Most Controversial Post – I don’t think I’ve been there yet. 🙂

5. A post whose success surprised me – Chained here is an unsettled spirit
6.A Post I thought that did not get the attention it deserved – A whale-watching adventure in Monterey Bay 
7.A Post that I am proud of – Forest Hill: where the wild comes visiting


Now —
Kishan of Road Bloke
Ramakrishnan of Rambling and Musings
Raji of Travelog

Would you guys like to pick out your best Travel Posts using the pointers above?

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  1. Wow.. will keep coming back to read the posts you have selected!

    Volatile Spirits

  2. Nice compilation of your posts, Divya. It is always good to retrospect once in a while.

  3. 🙂 good now its easier to go and read them all


    • I hope it is. Choosing was difficult. I actually have a few more favourites, some from the pre-Indiblogger days too. I'll pull them out once in a way.
      Have a superb weekend, ok.

  4. Great collection! I think I have to read them in detail later. 'A crocodile that ate dinosaurs' is not only most popular, it is the most amazing too 🙂

    • Abhinav, how have you been?
      Take you time. Come and read them whenever you like.
      Thank you. The super croc gets a minimum of 10-15 hits every single day. There was a day it had 64 visits. It's mainly from Google Search. 🙂

  5. Well that must have been a trip down the memory lane….

  6. A nice little retrospect there 🙂

    And I see that you have tagged me again. This time I promise I will blog about it….soon 🙂

  7. Await to read post at Serial no. 4 soon, Divya:)

  8. Thank you Divya for mentioning my name here, I am honestly surprised, considerign the list has people who do justice to their blog as well as their readers. But it was good to look back and see what I did all this time. I did read all the listed items here and I am really a fan of your travel writing. There is so much enthusiasm in your writing Divya, keep it up!
    Have a good time in upcoming holidays 🙂

    • Aww…thank you for those kind words. That's a lot of motivation to go on and on. :)Thank you once again.
      You've got a nice blog too. And what I like most are those photographs you take. They're brilliant.

      I should have sent you a link to this post as soon as it was up. So sorry. Anyway nice to know that your next post it up. Shall be there really soon. 🙂 Have a great week, Raji.

  9. Thank you. I love this kind of lists. Will definitely make mine 🙂
    Haven't been all that active lately. Moving homes in the snow has got to be quite a feat for me.
    be right back!

  10. Hey.. Thank u for tagging me!!! And more than that, thank you for checking on me. I arrived in San Jose a week ago.. Life coming to normalcy slowly.. I will write soon.. Am yet to venture out with my cam. US is new; I need to see how my travel blog transforms!!

    • So cool. San Jose is a lovely place. You're gonna love it. It's gonna be great exploring and all. Have loads of fun.
      We should meet sometime; when you're all settled, of course. 🙂
      Enjoy the Bay Area, Neha. Happy New Year.

  11. A great list Dee .. I have to read some of them and then try to visit too 😛
    Happy New Year dear 🙂 ya ya late hai thoda 🙂

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