Sep 16, 2014

Looking for the Best Fish Company?

We love our Fish and Chips. We love Clam Chowder, too. And now we know of a place in Southern Washington that serves really good stuff – both Fish and Chips and Chowder. I’m quite certain Pacific Northwest Best Fish Company will disappoint few.

We first heard of this place when a local told us that there’s a great place that sells great Halibut and Chips and that it was one of the area’s best kept secrets. She went on to say that even Google may not know of it. That’s not true because one day, several months later when we were in the area and I had a craving for Fish and Chips we did manage to find directions to the place. However, I must agree that PNWB Cafe is quite a hidden treasure.

It is located in the middle of no-where; well sort of. It’s not in the middle of a busy street or just off one. It cannot be said to be even a stone’s throw away from one. It is truly far from the madding crowd – in the middle of some farmland. It’s in Washington’s countryside, honest.

Pacific Northwest Best Fish Company is around 12 miles north of Vancouver, Washington. The ‘city’ closest to it should be the sleepy little town of Ridgefield. I’m not giving out the address here in the post as I usually would – just to avoid tickling the wrath of the locals who seem to take pride in this almost-well-kept-secret. However, here are some pictures from the Cafe. You might want to taste them for yourself when you travel that side. Remember – the all-knowing search engines could direct you there. Shh!
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Sep 15, 2014

Catching the light: The Road to Ardenwood Farm

The road to Ardenwood Farm
The road to Ardenwood Historical Farm in Fremont, California.
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Catching the light

Sep 4, 2014

Spotted: Circumhorizontal Arc (?)

circumhorizontal arc

I had never seen anything like this; at least not until a few months ago. We were driving back to Portland,OR from the Tillamook area, when I spotted this fascinating natural phenomenon in the eastern sky.

I would have called this colourful thing in the sky 'a rainbow of some sort' if I hadn't come across a picture on GMA in the week that followed. A question was posed to the viewers as to what that was, and I soon had a name for this vibrant sight I had seen only a few days prior to that.
Circumhorizontal Arc.
Quite a colourful piece of information, that. :)

Circumhorizontal arc

Ever seen a double rainbow; a full one at that? 
See it here 

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Sep 2, 2014

Guruvayur: Eat, Pray, Bargain

Guruvayur shopping
(Shops at) East Gate of the temple

Guruvayur Temple might be a place known to all Keralites, Krishna devotees and religious tourists. Now, those who have visited this famous temple in Thrissur, Kerala, will tell you it is quite a shopper's delight, too.

At the doorsteps of this popular abode-of-Lord-Krishna, is a pretty big trinket market. It ought to be just as famous as this south Indian temple. I don't know how many people can walk out of the temple gates without getting lured to the colour and glitter of the wares in these little outlets.

Like a lot of other Malayalees, I've lost count of the number of times I have visited this Sree Krishna temple. Ever since I can remember, I've been attracted to these small shops that line East and West nadas (Gates). There are over a hundred shops, I'm sure. And I swear, you will find everything from jewellery to idols, clothes to handicrafts and toys to books. Even the famous Guruvayur pappadam.

Believe me, these pictures are only a fraction of the big-picture that is Guruvayur's own 'commercial street(s)':

What to shop in Guruvayur
Kathakali*, Nettipattam,** ...
Guruvayur is a great place for souvenir-shopping

Shopping in Guruvayur, Kerala Sarees
And Kerala Sarees (Kasavu Sarees) or Kasavu Salwar materials.

Shopping in Guruvayur
Or even traditional looking dresses for little girls. Call them Kasavu frocks, shall we?

You will find all kinds of Kathakali faces: ones made of wood, marble, papier mache, even Ramachcham***

All kinds of South Indian snacks

The traditional Nilavilakku**** and other lamps.

Guruvayur Pappadam
Guruvayur Pappadams. This is a local speciality.
These pappads are larger and thicker than the regular ones. 
trinket shops in Guruvayur
This is just the-tip-of-the-iceberg, believe me.

*Kathakali is an art-form of Kerala (a state in southern India)
**The head gear worn by a caparisoned elephant
***Vetiver/ Chrysopogon zizanioides
****A traditional lamp

Did you know --
  • that men are not allowed to wear 'pants' inside the Guruvayur temple? Dress code for the Gentlemen -- the traditional mundus. They are also supposed to take off their shirts and hold them in their hands once they enter the temple.
  • that non Hindus are not allowed inside the temple walls? (It is ok to visit these shops, though.)
  • that until a few years ago, women were not allowed to wear Salwar suits or pants? The dress code for the ladies used to be Sarees or long skirts. Those who came in salwars generally found long skirts to wear with the Kameezes. 

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Aug 26, 2014

Rainbow, Waldo or Robin Williams?


To some of us, this is the Rainbow Tunnel just a few miles north of the world-famous landmark called Golden Gate Bridge. This tunnel on US 101 is actually called the Waldo Tunnel, supposedly named after a politician of the 1850s.

Now, this tunnel in Marin County may have a change of name and if it does, methinks it will end up on the tourist map.

Last heard, a good number of Californians were working on a petition to rename this tunnel  in honour of Hollywood actor and comedian Robin Williams, who recently made his final 'exit.'

I had often wondered why this tunnel on 101 had a rainbow-coloured entrance. I finally did some research and found that a Caltrans* senior official ordered it to be painted this way because it reminded him of a rainbow. That is said to have been in 1970.

These pictures are from 2012, from our drive to Stinson Beach, a few miles northwest of this tunnel.

Inside the Waldo Tunnel

*California Department of Transportation
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